Why Bangkok?

Diversity of Lifestyle

Bangkok is a major city of Thailand. Many people come to this town for doing their businesses, earning income, studying in schools, and spending their leisure in various joyful places. In Bangkok, there are people from various backgrounds and nationalities as Chinese, Indian, Western, etc., but they can live together. Each nationality has its own lifestyle. Thus, the advantage is you can easily adapt your lifestyle with them.

Variety of Joy

According to diversification of nationalities, people can join various festival celebration on many occasions as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Traditional Thai New Year (Songkran Festival), Hindu New Year, etc. Moreover, they are also have many cultural events along the year. Therefore, you can join lots of joyful events continuously with fun and happiness while you have done your business.

Reasonable Wages and

Certainly, Bangkok is not a place for lowest wage in this region, but it is not also a highest one. It is a place for reasonable wage because compensation depends on improved skills of labor. Thus,

Market Research

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Events and Attractions



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The key is good governance, asserting that if everything is done properly and any aspect touched upon is addressed, it will make the city more livable. It must be done with minimal effort but achieve significant results. Projects must be transparent, without favoritism or corruption.


Bangkok is famous for being the capital city of Thailand. It is generally considered to be one of the most popular places to visit for tourists. The city offers variety both in cultural and lifestyle tastes. In Bangkok, you can find a rich cultural heritage, a unique and vibrant street food culture, and a shopping paradise.


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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is the local government of Bangkok (also called Krung Thep Maha Nakhon in Thai), which includes the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. The government is composed of two branches: the executive (or the Governor of Bangkok) and the legislative (or Bangkok Metropolitan Council). The administration's roles are to formulate and implement policies to manage Bangkok. Its purview includes transport services, urban planning, waste management, housing, roads and highways, security services, and the environment.According to the Thailand Future Foundation, Bangkok employs a workforce of 97,000, including 3,200 municipal officers in Bangkok city, 200 in the city Law Enforcement Department, and 3,000 in district offices.

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